Climbing Gear for Hire

Get the right and reliable climbing gear before you embark on your Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Expedition. Your comfort is paramount so as to help you reach the summit without much pain and discomfort. We have everything you need.

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Available Gear for hire in Moshi for Climbing Kilimanjaro

Prices are for the entire trek in U.S. dollars, payable in cash in Moshi.

Sleeping bag $20
Hat: $5
Balaclava/Scarf: $5
Fleece Pants: $10
Warm Jacket: $10
Long Underwear: $5
Raincoat/Poncho: $10
Rain Pants: $10
Gloves: $5
Sweater/Pullover: $10
Socks: $2
Hiking Boots: $20
Sleeping Bag and Liner: $30
Duffel Bag/Backpack: $20
Rucksack/Daypack: $10
Hiking Poles (2): $10
Gaiters: $10
Torch/Flashlight: $10
Sunglasses: $5
Batteries: $3
Water Bottle: $5
Binoculars: $20


– Tents and foam sleeping pads are provided at no charge.
– Rental prices are subject to change.